Once again, BMW held strong as the most popular luxury automaker in America with 278,732 sales for the year.

The X3 led BMW's charge with 59,941 units sold, but the manufacturer still ended the year down 17.5 percent.

German rival Mercedes-Benz didn't experience quite as bad a decline at 13 percent, but a total of 274,916 sales wasn't enough to beat BMW. SUVs also rule the roost at Mercedes, with the GLC-Class taking top honors at 52,626 units sold.

It must be noted that total Mercedes sales do not include the Sprinter, which is often sold as a commercial work vehicle.

HOW did Mercedes SLIP in your opinion? What must they do to regain the top spot?

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2020 Took Its Toll On Many But HOW Did Mercedes SLIP To THIRD Place Behind BMW And LEXUS?

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