“I was out in my woods the other day when, out the corner of my eye, I spotted what looked like a fox darting into one of my pheasant pens,” he begins.

Luckily Clarkson wasn’t armed, as what had originally looked like a pheasant-pilfering fox was in fact just a hopelessly lost spaniel that had slipped its owner.

Clarkson couldn’t see its owner but located the collar and found the dog’s name (Rory) and a phone number, though it went straight to voicemail. He thought it best to look after the Rory until the owner could be contacted, but how to get it back to the farm?

The engines on this new generation are for the most part smaller than the ones on the outgoing model, but thanks to a range of mild-hybrid setups that provide a few extra horsepower, the new one is more powerful than ever but can manage “about 30mpg”

“It can be used, of course, for uprooting trees and transporting logs and pulling stranded tractors out of the ditch, but you wouldn’t, any more than you’d play football with that Louis Vuitton ball that was recently offered online for more than £4,000.”

What vehicle IS it? Well the 2021 Range Rover of course!

And he even throws in a little RAZZ into the review saying Greta Thunberg should get one!

Jeremy, you NAUGHTY man!

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Jeremy Clarkson RAZZES Greta Thunberg By Recommending THIS Vehicle. Can You Guess WHICH?

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