One of the best things about owning a Tesla is the Supercharger Network, which allows EV owners to take long trips in a convenient and affordable manner.

It would then be quite an inconvenience if one were to use a Supercharger and its charging plug turns out to be covered in soot. 

Unfortunately, some Tesla owners likely experienced something similar recently, as an image of what seemed to be a lifted Dodge 4×4 pickup truck occupying a Supercharger stall made the rounds in EV community groups online. Shared on Twitter by @TheTeslaLife, the image depicted a Supercharger cable being “connected” to the tailpipe of the 4×4 pickup truck, with nearly the entire plug being placed inside the soot-filled cavity.




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Inclusive Or Outrageous? Dodge 4x4 Indentifies As A Prius And Occupies EV Charging Spot

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