Panasonic Automotive Artificial Intelligence-Enhanced Augmented Reality Head-Up Display

Panasonic's AR HUD system projects 3D, AI-driven key information into the driver's line of sight to help reduce driver distraction and potentially increase safety on the road.

Panasonic's AR HUD development utilizes a PRIZM process to address all aspects of users' needs today, tomorrow and in the future:

* Precise placement – Optimal image positioning
* Reflection – AI smart optical graphic road overlays for object / sign detection
* Intuitive – Discriminates / prioritizes user focus on what is ahead, e.g. is that a deer or a box in the road?
* Zonal- UX optimized field-of-view organizationally displays objects along the road
* Mission Control - Dynamic imaging that brings visibility and the roadway together

Panasonic Automotive Artificial Intelligence-Enhanced Augmented Reality Head-Up Display

Integrating industry first dual plane holographic picture generating unit by Envisics and spatial-AI by Phiar, Panasonic's AR HUD uses advanced machine learning, optical technologies to grow the field of view, sharply identify and prioritize surroundings that the eye may not see

The key features of the new AR HUD include:

* Eye tracking technology - Projects information at driver's level of sight based on driver's eye position, eliminating a potential mismatch between the projected image when the driver moves their head
* Advanced optics - Advanced optical design techniques provide expanded field-of-view (beyond 10 by 4 degrees) for virtual image distance of 10m or greater; detects pedestrians and objects through enhanced low light and nighttime view; tilted virtual image planes adjust visibility of objects in the driver's field of view; embedded camera system allows discrete monitoring for the driver's eye location.
* AI navigation accuracy - AI-driven AR navigation technology detects and provides multi-color 3D navigation graphics that adjust with moving vehicle's surroundings, displaying information like lane markers and GPS arrows where turns will occur and sudden changes such as collisions or cyclists in one's path
* Vibration control - Panasonic's proprietary camera image stability algorithm enables AR icons to lock onto the driving environment regardless of the bumpiness of the road
* Real-time situational awareness - Driving environment updates occur in real-time; ADAS, AI, AR environment information updates in less than 300 milliseconds
* 3D imaging radar - Sensor-captured full 180-degree forward vision up to 90 meters and across approximately three traffic lanes
* Compact size - Efficient compact packaging to fit any vehicle configuration
* 4K resolution - Crisp, bright 4K resolution using advanced laser and holography technology, with static near-field cluster information and far-field image plane for AR graphic overlay

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