BMW‘s online marketing strategy continues to confound.

Having risked alienating the generation to which the majority of its customer base belongs with that ‘OK boomer’ Tweet and its weirdly aggressive follow-ups, we now have this.

Created for the all-digital 2021 Consumer Electronics Show, it spends much of the 4min 16sec runtime taking a big dump on BMW’s heritage. The video features a ‘conversation’ between the new iX and an E66 7-series, where the former is depicted as youthful and smug, and the latter old and bitter.

The Germans make some great cars but at the same time have a habit of pairing it with some of the DUMBEST marketing and ads.

What's YOUR call on this Spies?

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BMW Mocks One Of THEIR OWN Cars In CES Video. WHO Keeps Making These BONEHEAD Marketing Blunders?

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