Toyota Gazoo Racing has officially revealed its all-new Le Mans Hypercar class contender, the new GR010. It is the first of this year’s new Hypercar class racers to be revealed in detail and represents not just a physical manifestation of Toyota’s commitment to endurance racing, but also a preview of the road-going GR Supersport it remains committed to releasing to the public.

As an all-new racer under the Le Mans Supersport regulations its peak power is restricted to the class maximum of 671bhp. How teams have reached this maximum figure though is where the new regulations allow distinction between teams. In Toyota’s case its 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6 petrol engine, mounted behind the driver, produces this maximum 671bhp figure, which is then supplemented by a 269bhp electric motor on the front axle, making the GR010 four-wheel drive.

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Toyota Reveals 2021 GR010 Le Mans Hypercar Contender

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