The Audi e-tron Sportback SUV is a handsome, refined electric car spoilt by technology for technology’s sake.

Everything is pretty enjoyable and tranquil, then. Until the car starts beeping at you. “It will beep at you because it thinks something else is coming too close to it, or because you’ve driven it too close to something else, or because it believes there is a car about to smash into its side, or a tree about to fall on its head, or simply because, I don’t know, it’s raining or cloudy or there’s a man across the street looking at it strangely.”

While they may have a “the-future-is-now” appeal to it, and it adds an aerodynamic advantage that could provide an incremental boost to the “not particularly impressive” real world range of less than 200 miles (the official figure is 241 miles per charge), the screens are mounted too low and can’t be adjusted as much as regular mirrors. They’re also either too bright or too dark to see properly.

The reviewer also forgot to mention it's UGLY. BMW Gran Coupe ugly.

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REVIEW: SPOILED BY TECH? Audi E-TRON Sportback Disappoints With MORE Than Just Its BMW Gran Coupe UGLINESS.

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