Think about all of the cool vehicles you've seen over the years and the stories behind the inspiration behind them.

You'd probably hear them say they were inspired by airplanes, great race cars, iconic military trucks, a beautiful woman, etc.

But TODAY, Audi USA tweeted something that I actually thought I read wrong.

They CLAIMED in the tweet the new Audi e-tron GT was inspired NOT by and great cars of the past or the beauty of a masterpiece sculpture but by....wait for it...The PARIS CLIMATE AGREEMENT!

I had to read it three times. And then I thought holy hell, someone in their marketing dept went off the deep end or was too busy knitting mittens for Bernie Sanders and they weren't very focussed.

I mean, is this the SILLIEST thing you've ever heard in the history of new cars? Who could truly believe that was the inspiration?

Give us your thoughts and tell us if it's appropriate and smart to 'politicize' a new car.

Are they purposely trying to alienate a huge slew of potential buyers?

What's next, car inspired by MAGA? Bernie Bros.?  Wouldn't that be JUST as idiotic?

The tweet responses are priceless and worth the read.


Audi 'CLAIMS' The New e-tron GT Is INSPIRED By The #ParisClimateAgreement. Do YOU Believe That And Is It Smart Marketing Or MENTAL?

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