Tesla CEO Elon Musk seems very optimistic about the new Biden administration’s environmental priorities, noting in a lengthy phone interview with Fortune last week that he is “fired up” about the country’s renewed focus on climate issues. During his interview, Musk talked about why he is excited about the Biden administration, his split with the Trump administration, and his hopes for the near future. 

Musk noted that he is extremely happy about the change in the White House, particularly President Joe Biden’s overt stance on combating climate change. This is a notable break from the stance of the Trump administration, which took a number of steps and passed initiatives that pushed the pro-climate agenda to the side. “I’m super fired up that the new administration is focused on climate,” Musk said, noting that he is closely watching the new president’s moves.

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Elon Musk Feels The Biden Administration Will Play Directly Into His Hands More So Than Trump Did

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