Earlier today, we posted a Jaguar article that was rather surprising. The headline stated Jaguar To Sell NOTHING But EV's By 2025.

If it would have said they were adding more EV's over the next few years we wouldn't have batted an eye.

But they'll sell NO non-EV's by 2025? They realize that that's LESS than four years away?

And that their current EV sales so far aren't exactly beating the band? To be generous, sales of Jaguar EV's are crap. I hardly see ANY in SoCal or Texas anymore.

Not encouraging...

So we have three important questions?

1. Was the headline a mistake and should it have said "Jaguar To Sell NOTHING By 2025"?

2. What is the case for Jaguar even EXISTING anymore?

3. Do you know ANYONE who is even THINKING of buying a Jag?

TODAY'S HEADLINE: Jaguar To Sell NOTHING But EV's By 2025. Should This Have Been The Headline Instead? Jaguar To Sell NOTHING By 2025?

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