We were six months ahead of everyone in the business predicting the Kia Telluride was going to be a monster hit.

When they announced that the fully loaded SX would top out at $49k, it shocked the world because it undercut products like the Lexus RX350L and others by about $20k similarly equipped.

I was so impressed with it, I bought the first SX in town. And it was my favorite daily driver I've ever had.

And I've had a LOT.

So as a former owner myself, I thought to myself what was missing and what can they do on the next one to lft the bar even higher?

So here's my list:

1. Add fully articulating massaging seats as an option.
2. Offer as good of a solution as Tesla autopilot and GM super cruise. The Kia version is decent but it's not good enough for the next model.
3. Offer a full glass, fully open capable panoramic roof.
4. Figure out why the light nappa leather stains so easily.
5. Dump the yellow front driving lights in favor of white LED.
6. Offer a package that matches some of the cool off-road looking concepts they showed at auto shows.
7. On the top of the line unit offer the Rolls-Royce style stars in the sky headliner. I'm surprised Lexus or someone else has yet to offer it as an option.
8. Include full maintenance that goes as long as the factory warranty.
9. Get creative on exterior and color combos. The saddle and brown interiors look cheap. The Dark Moss was the only color that looks like it can play against the big boys.
10. Use the Apple CarPlay typeface in all your display menus so the dash matches the nav screen. Your factory font looks cheap and looks like it came from a Nokia phone fromt he 90's.

So there you have my list. What would you add or subtract from the list?


SHOCKER! Kia Telluride Is A Huge Sales Hit. What Do They Need To Do To Make It EVEN BETTER?

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