The best way to be taken seriously in business is to be as formal as possible. This is why people wear suits and not Hawaiian shirts, shorts, and flip-flops at meetings. Maple Majestic almost did that when it presented its idea for a Canadian electric car in the most bizarre way we have seen in many years: with a video that tries to present a toy scale model as if it was a real vehicle.

You can check it above. The Drive was the first website to notice that, but only a visit to the company’s website and the official video put that under the right perspective. Last February 17, the company published a press release that spoke about its propositions for a future electric car. Instead of clarifying what this toy scale model is doing in a video, it makes things even more complicated.


AK_Motor_loop from Sean Kernerman on Vimeo.

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WATCH: Canadian EV Startup Uses A Toy Car As The Protoype

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