You’ve read all the articles of the new F-150 on board generator being a life saver to many who have them down in Texas.

But we were curious about how it compares to a standalone generator and HOW long the power lasts on a full tank of gas.

So our friend Chad over at EV pulse did this great, informative article. Check it out:

“That makes our fuel consumption under generator usage at approximately 1.07 gallons per hour of use. That means with a 30.6 gallon fuel tank, which is what comes with the hybrid, you can run the generator for about 28.5 hours.

For comparison, the closest Honda generator with sustained output to the Ford is only a 5,500 watt unit, and uses 0.97 gallons per hour of operation. Generac sells a generator closer, but they only rate fuel economy at half the output of the generator, not the sustained or peak output.

That Honda generator we just referenced? It carries a M.S.R.P. of $3,189.

So the Ford F-150 product is quieter, cheaper and due to it’s much bigger fuel tank go WAY longer than a standalone.”

Full test at the link

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You've Read All The Stories Touting The New F-150 On Board Generator. But HOW LONG Will The Power Last And Is It BETTER Than A Separate Honda Unit?

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