00R and I love having the conversation of what is hot now in our areas.

It never ceases to amaze me how different products do well in areas you never thought and others do poorly or not as good in some places.

For example in the west the Kia Telluride is everywhere but back in NJ/NY area where 00R is, not so much.

Kind of seems like a vehicle that would universally sell well, in any town seeing it has AWD, is an SUV and the price is right.

So what we'd like you to do is tell us where you are and which new vehicles are you seeing a boatload of and which products that YOU thought would be a hit aren't doing too well where you are.

I'll start from the West Coast...Toyota RAV4 EVERYWHERE and new BMW 3-series NON-EXISTENT.


WHICH New Vehicles Are All Over YOUR Town And Which Ones Are Missing YOU THOUGHT Would Sell Well?

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