Recently revealed after sitting in dry storage for many years in Southern California, this pair of essentially unused 1981 DMC DeLoreans, featuring consecutive VINs, are now offered for sale for the first time, directly from the family of the original dealer purchaser. Both remain on their factory MSOs.

The owner’s father was an Orange County Ford dealer at the time that Consolidated International began liquidating the DeLorean Motor Company’s assets in 1983. The cars were purchased at a wholesale auction and were kept by the family. The two cars show just 1,623 miles and 14 miles—FOURTEEN!—on their respective odometers. While the 14-mile car had been used as a parts car by a dealer and was never driven by the owner’s family, the car that now shows 1,623 miles was used briefly by the owner, much to the chagrin of his father, before it was parked.

More info at the link or if you want to contact the salesperson here's a direct email

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HOLY BARN FIND! Want To Own A PAIR Of VIRTUALLY NEW DeLorean's? Here's Your Chance! They Even Have Sequential VIN Numbers!

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