Ferrari has been competing in endurance racing for a real long time. Hollywood made a film about it and all, but its last outright win was in 1965 with an American customer team. Since then, the manufacturer from Maranello has had success with GT cars but never got back on that top step of all top steps, despite having several prototype entries. Now, though, Ferrari has announced a return to endurance racing's top class for 2023.

The Hypercar class right now is a little bit odd. It's horsepower-limited compared to the LMP1 category it theoretically replaces at a maximum combined hybrid output of 784 hp (Toyota's hybrid LMP1 entries were pulling 1,000 hp). There's also been a revolving door of manufacturers supportively saying they were 100 percent down to race and then refocusing their efforts elsewhere. So it'll have heartened WEC and might, two years ago, have puzzled the Maranello board to see them trying to rally the Tifosi back to La Sarthe.

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Ferrari Plans A 2023 Return To Le Mans Racing

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