Jeep has been using the "Cherokee" moniker since 1974 and today it's found on a couple of its popular SUVs. In 2013, during the final days of the Chrysler Group era before the merger with Fiat, the Cherokee Nation told The New York Times it had not been consulted before Jeep reintroduced "Cherokee" in the United States as a replacement for the Liberty.

Now under the Stellantis umbrella following the FCA-PSA merger, Jeep is facing increasing pressure to drop the nameplate. Chuck Hoskin Jr., Cherokee Nation principal chief, told Automotive News earlier this week that Jeep "respectfully declined" to make the name change. However, The Wall Street Journal, after talking with Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares, is now reporting this radical option has not been ruled out entirely.

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Stellantis Considers Dropping The Cherokee Name For Jeep - Who Loses If That Happens?

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