If you talk to anyone under 40 at the beach or the local ski resort about legendary, AFFORDABLE, real SUV's, there is no doubt, the late 90's, early 2000 Nissan Xterra is in the conversation.

It was basic, but damn near IMPOSSIBLE to break and it was one of those vehicles that the more battle scars you put on it, the BETTER it looked. And that name, Xterra. BALLSY!

And those ads that ingrained its image in our head were a blast to watch. People would get cut and just wrap a piece of animal fat around their arm and continue on. Ok, I embellished a little...they got a band aid out of the first aid kit but they sure made it SEEM they did.

To this day, it's a go to car on the used market. Go try to find one in decent shape for peanuts. It ain't easy. Same with its fancier brother the Infiniti QX4.

But we all know what happened. They dumped it in the USA.

Now, Bronco, Bronco Sport, Jeep, 4runner, etc. are leading the biggest growth area and Nissan (and many others) have NO answer.

So, should they bring it back? Here is the latest model that sells outside of the USA. I looks much softer, ala Pathfinder but Nissan could toughen it up and try to do an Xterra comeback.

What's YOUR call on this? Are we right?

Also, enjoy some of the old ads and the showcase on the latest X-Terra.

Nissan Has Made A LOT Of DUMBASS Moves Over The Last Few Years. Was Dumping The XTerra In The USA One Of The BIGGEST?

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