Erica Mesa spent $47,000 on a new Hyundai Tucson in July 2019 and had no issues with the vehicle until three months later

The 25-year-old said she was driving on the highway with four other people when a light came on falsely indicating she was in danger of a front-end collision. Seconds later, the brakes slammed on and the vehicle came to a sudden halt, she said.

"Hyundai said they were going to replace the inhibitor switch," Mesa said.

"They said there was moisture in there and somehow it was tricking the car’s computer into thinking there was a vehicle in front of me."
She said the next day she picked up the car and was told "it's not going to happen again."

Everything was fine for more than a year, until one day in February 2021 when Mesa was driving nearly 120 km/h on Highway 407.  She said the warning light blinked out of nowhere and the car slammed on the brakes.

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WHEN TECHNOLOGY ATTACKS! STOP RIGHT THERE! Lady CLAIMS Her Hyundai Tucson Randomly Slams Brakes On Out Of Nowhere.

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