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"Volkswagen is betting that petrol-heads will soon become eco-warriors."

Still, given VW’s stable of luxury brands, such as Lamborghini, Bugatti and crotch-rocket maker Ducati, Rimac’s battery technology could help steal a march over gas-guzzling rivals. Ferrari, for example, doesn’t expect an electric version of its racers to come out until after 2025.

We have to ask a serious question here...WHO on earth comes up with this type of delusional thinking? "Petrol-heads will SOON become eco-warriors?"

Tell us in your circle of friends of "petrol-heads" how many have expressed the interest to dump their M3, S4, Mustang, Challenger, WHATEVER, because they want a future image of being know as an ECO-WARRIOR?

ZERO? Wow! That's the number we guessed too!

The more I read about these execs and 'experts' the more I feel like I'm watching episodes of the office. These people are absolutely LOST!

Give us your take...

Volkswagen Betting Motorheads Will Soon Become Eco-Warriors. Truth? OR Are They Smoking CRACK?

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