As you know we've been around since 2002 and we've heard A LOT of claims of inside info. Some true, and some bald face lies.

So whenever we hear 'juicy rumors' we take them with a grain of salt.

Here's one posted at the i4TALK website 'claiming' a dealer told one of their friends the new BMW M4 is a FLOP.

Here is the exchange that was posted:

"So I just heard from a BMW dealer friend of mine saying that when it comes to demand for the M4, there have been crickets.

I don't want his dealership to run afoul of corporate so I won't give any details there, but here's the gist of it:

He's been selling a long time with some intermissions in between.

Back in 2000 demand for the E46 M3 was crazy, he says. He had a wait list 10 cars deep with all paying MSRP or more.

He wasn't around for the E92. But he was for the F80 and again, huge demand and excitement.

Now for the M4, he says his dealership has zero orders. Zero.

His reason
1. Tesla
2. The nose
3. The Price
4. The nose ( I added that part in)"

There you have it. The question we have is... are YOU buying it?


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BMW Website CLAIMS Dealer Told 'A FRIEND' The New BMW M4 Is A FLOP. Are You BUYING It?

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