Many colleagues in the press were furious because they fell for Volkswagen’s April Fool’s prank. Some want these jokes to be banished forever, but that would give us one less opportunity to have fun. When the GR86 Forum revealed patent documents published on April 1st about an electric sedan developed by Toyota and Subaru, we were almost sure that was a joke. A quick search at the USPTO (US Patent & Trade Office) confirmed they are real.

The date was not the only suspicious thing about the documents. They also showed a body style in which very few manufacturers are betting. Apart from China, sedans are not that popular elsewhere. On the other hand, it is a body style that makes perfect sense for electric cars due to their optimal aerodynamic properties.
Toyota And Subaru April 1st Patents Show Plans For Electric Sedan

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Patent Image Reveals Upcoming Toyota/Subaru Love Child To Be A Sedan NOT An SUV

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