An 82-year-old man fought off an attempted car jacker while he was pumping gas, investigators said.

Video shows the 82-year-old man pumping gas March 11 when a man walks up to him, pulls out a gun and demands his car keys.

The victim leans into his car to grab the keys and then starts a fight with the suspect. The two fall to the ground. The suspect gets up, throws the victim’s phone to the ground and runs into the car. He runs off moments later when he is unable to get it started.

Honestly, Spies, what's wrong with people?

This is happening more and more.

These crooks need a good dose of Charles BRONSON!

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TIME FOR A CHARLES BRONSON RESPONSE? 82-Year-Old Makes VALIANT Attempt To Stop Dude Trying To CARJACK His Car!

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