During my travels today looking for a road trip vehicle, I got me first, in-person look at the all new 2022 KIA Carnival MPV.

It's a deceiving looking vehicle because in photos and on YouTube it looks alot like an SUV like a Tahoe or Expedition from the profile.

But I'll tell you, when you see it in person it looks like it should have an AMTRAK logo on the side. It (In my best Chris Traeger, P&R imitation) LITERALLY looks like a car disconnected from the local Amtrak train. MAN, does it look it LONG!

And VERY odd looking. BUT, it has a lot of nice features for people in the market for a family van style product.

SO tell us, is it a CARNIVAL to you or just another 3-Row CIRCUS?


SPIED! Real Life Snaps Of The 2022 KIA Carnival MPV. Is It A FESTIVAL OR A 3-Row CIRCUS?

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