If there’s one thing I’m known for, it’s my love of unreliable shitboxes. I embrace this enthusiasm, but in reality, living with these cars can be tricky. That’s why we had to buy a daily driver for my daily driver after the former’s starter motor packed up. The replacement - a BMW 316i Compact - has been great, but it’s being transformed as we speak into a fan-built car with a purple and green chameleon wrap. And because I’m now on the wrong side of 35, I’m unsure I’ll be able to pull off such a strong look…

And so, I aimed squarely for the one car that covers all bases: the BMW M340d Touring.

Expensive? You bet! But for a car that many - including me - often refer to as ‘the best new car currently on sale’, I don’t think that’s unreasonable given the quality, performance and cop car sleeper points on offer.


As I read through this, you would think this dude was doing twenty years to life and got out on good behavior, LOL!

He's so fired up, he could do a 10k run in his JC Penny briefs!

But I do like his enthusiasm!

But really? Tell him Spies why although this is certainly a nice ride, there are so many better choices for daily drivers today.

And maybe, just maybe, he's thinking this because he's getting OLD!


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Is The BMW 340d A TRUE Departure From Unreliable SH_TBOXES Like This Writer Claims? OR, Is He Just Getting OLD?

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