It's no secret that all the traditional car companies have failed in the EV game compared to Tesla, SO FAR.

Brag to your friends you just bought an EV from ANYONE other than Tesla and you'll get a lukewarm, congratulations at best. It certainly AIN'T heartfelt love.

HEY, want to go for a ride in my Fiat 500e?! Uh, no thanks I gotta go the.....DMV! Yeah, that's it, the DMV.

In other words, if I never get a ride in it or your e-tron, it will be too soon. But call me if you get the new Tesla!

My calendar will be free then!

So we're trying to get to the bottom of what the REAL reason is that's holding most back from purchases OTHER than Tesla's.

Could it be as simple as they are really turned off seeing the competition has lukewarm range?

Or is it SO MUCH DEEPER than that.

Tell us what YOU think Spies?

Is RANGE ANXIETY The ONLY Thing STOPPING People From Buying A NON-Tesla EV? OR, Is It MUCH MORE Than Just That?

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