FCA, nowadays Stellantis, cruised by the last decade or so stuffing high-power Hemi V8 engines into every model that turned a profit. In recent times, that's meant amping up its two best-sellers: the Ram 1500 and the Jeep Wrangler, giving way to the pricey, powerful, and pompous Ram 1500 TRX and Jeep Wrangler 392. And like most American rides with V8 muscle under the hood, folks couldn't wait to see how they'd perform against each other in a drag race.

The fun-loving folks at The Fast Lane Truck YouTube channel did exactly that, getting a hold of the new Wrangler 392 and not-as-new but still incredibly hot TRX. They lined the two lifted monsters side by side, and sent them down their test track. Of course, it'd be easy to write off the Jeep considering it's horsepower deficit, but looking at their individual specs below, the lighter Wrangler actually equals the TRX from zero to 60 mph.


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WATCH: Jeep Wrangler 392 vs Ram 150 TRX - Which Is Faster In A Drag Race?

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