Mercedes is celebrating a century of Maybach this week, and while that's not exactly newsworthy, one little detail caught our attention. An image of the latest extra-long S-Class accompanies the press release talking about 100 years of luxobarge, showing an elegantly black example along with a reflection of its forbearer – the 1922 Maybach 22/70 HP W3.

Again, that's not breaking news, but look closer on the front fender of the Z223 (the Maybach S-Class' codename) and you’ll notice a badge that’s becoming more and more of a rarity. Yes, we are talking about the V12 logo. Mercedes has long confirmed to keep the twelve-cylinder alive for the latest-generation S-Class, and now they’re about to live up to that promise with a big-engined Maybach.

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Mercedes Teases New V12 Powered Maybach S-Class Flagship

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