If you own a Telsa or know someone who does it's a pretty safe statement to say:

1. The are HUGE fans of Elon Musk and believe he's Steve Jobs x1000


2. The are BATSH_T CRAZY about the huge, center mounted computer screen

So, you would THINK if you're building a Tesla competitor, the FIRST thing you're white boarding is how to OUT DO theirs. Whether by making it larger, higher resolution, faster, better interface, etc.

But NOOOOO. Take a  look at the new e-tron's that launched yesterday and you'll see they decided to go with the 'KNIGHT RIDER' implementation.

And that has us mystified. WHY FIGHT IT Audi and others? Why?

Almost seems like the old Blackberry designers not wanting to mimic Apple and resisted touch screen smartphones.

What say you Spies?

EVERYONE Loves The Tesla Big Screens. WHY Do Audi And The Others CONTINUE To Resist Using Them?

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