It appears that some members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are now becoming familiar with Tesla’s built-in security features like Sentry Mode, which allows vehicles to record videos from their cameras to actively monitor their surroundings. This was undoubtedly the case in an incident back in December, which involved slashed tires, arson, and what appears to be a racially motivated attack against a church. 

In an affidavit dated April 15, 2021, FBI Special Agent Casey Anderson outlined the events that led to an incident that resulted in the destruction of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Presbyterian Church in Springfield, Massachusetts. The suspect behind the incident, 44-year-old Maine resident Dushko Vulchev, is a naturalized United States citizen from Bulgaria. As per the FBI agent’s affidavit, Vulchev had previously run afoul of the law prior to his apparent arson in December, having been convicted of threatening a foreign official in 2015 and a series of offenses such as domestic violence assault in 2017.

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BIG BROTHER? FBI Now Leveraging Tesla Sentry Mode Footage To Solve Crimes

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