A few weeks ago I took my car choice dilemma to the experts. YOU.

Here's what I posted...

"Agent 001 is about to hit the road in the next few weeks from the LEFT coast heading slowly to a final summer destination up in the GREAT WHITE NORTH, IF they open the borders. Final destination is a place he's always wanted to visit and even though he lived in Canada for a number of years never got to see. And that gorgeous place is the Maritime Province of Nova Scotia.

Number one needs his three squares that all include fresh Lobster. It will also be NHL playoff time so he wants good access to HOCKEY BEER.

If the border doesn't open the backup is wrestling Black Bears with his bare hands in MAINE. He'll just have to drink shittier beer while he watches the playoffs.

And to make the trip even more memorable, he's going to buy a new ride for the long quest.

Give NUMBER ONE your BEST THREE picks for the ultimate cross-country road trip, multi-country vehicle for him, his two young agents and the official head of security at Auto Spies."

So what did I end up choosing?????

The choice was tough for a number of reasons...

There are a lot of good choices but Covid really changed the game and many of the potentials just weren't in dealer inventory OR dealers were trying to jam hefty premiums on what units they did have on the ground.

And for the first time EVER, I actually paid OVER sticker to get my choice because it was that OR cancel the roadtrip.

Good news is while MANY across the country are paying 3-15k OVER MSRP to get one, I got off easy at a grand over, 1.9% financing and NO forced garbage extreme profit add-ons like you see on this sticker from KIA of Cerritos, up in the OC.

So enough with the suspense...The official summer road trip vehicle for the Spies will be the 2021 KIA Telluride EX NIGHTFALL Edition.

You may ask WHY the EX vs. the SX?

A few reasons...

I had the 2020 SX with the prestige package and after comparing the 21 EX, I didn't think the small number of options missing were worth $5k more.

And, you get to order the Nightfall package on the EX.

What other vehicles did I consider and what nixed the purchase of those?

1. 2021 Cadillac Escalade. The eye-popping $110k sticker and added dealer markups of $15k shut that idea down quick. To me, a loaded Escalade isn't worth a DIME over $65-70k.

2. 2021 Ford Expedition. I would have chosen the Ford IF it had the new F-150 interior. For 85k, the current interior is stale bread. Plus, $5-7k off sticker wasn't incentive enough and Iike the Caddy, I think all the comp. (Tahoe, GMC, Exp, Navigator) are all WAY overpriced. WAY OVER for what you get.

3. Hyundai Palisade Caligraphy. I like the computer dash and gizmos on the Hyundai better than the analog dash in the Telluride but the KIA kills it on exterior design. Telluride looks badass with a profile that hints Rolls-Royce Cullinan whereas the Hyundai screams Escalade/Lexus LX wannabe. Plus, the Telly rear is the most unique and best looking rear of all the suv's on the market in my opinion. And the Nightfall package changes the SUV whereas it's next to impossible to tell the difference between the Limited or Caligraphy other than the HIDEOUS wheels on the top end Palisade. The black nightfall wheels are KILLER looking.

So there you have it. Thank you all so much for the suggestions/emails/calls. And i look forward to posting so killer photos over the summer from the road trip.

As always Spies, we pride ourselves not sugar coating our opinions and telling you the straight story.

SPY before you BUY!

REVEALED! So WHAT Did Auto Spies Agent 001 CHOOSE For His Summer ROADTRIP Vehicle?

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