At Auto Shanghai 2021, Hongqi looked to the future with the L-Concept. We don’t have much official information, although various sources in the People’s Republic report that the modernist sedan concept will go into production in 2023. Whether the production model will feature the flashy front of the prototype, it’s unclear. for the time being.

The L-Concept takes the form of a large sedan / liftback with a sloping roofline and a side profile that looks a bit like a coupe. The body is finished in two colors with a white roof, transforming into an interesting diamond-shaped cover at the rear in place of the traditional rear window.
The situation is much more interesting inside the cabin, where there is a three-seater layout with a single seat in the front and two seats in the rear. From what we can see, there is no passenger seat in the front so the rear seat can be deployed to a more relaxed position for more comfort.

Another interior feature worth mentioning is the chandelier suspended between the rear seats, which joins the brilliant interior trim and countless LED lights to create a sparkling overall atmosphere. The two-tone leather upholstery looks perfect, however. Finally, the concept lacks a steering wheel, which probably suggests that it features some sort of autonomous driving system.

How about the off the hook CHANDELIER?!

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