Toyota trucks have the largest following outside of Detroit's Big Three—depending on where you're at, their fanbase may be even bigger than Ford's, GM's, or Ram's. They're loved for their reliability and relative simplicity, so much that Toyota has hardly changed the recipe for the Tacoma and Tundra in more than a decade. Plenty of new powertrain tech is on its way, though, as Toyota says every model it sells will be offered with an electrified variant by 2025, and that includes trucks.

The automaker made this announcement alongside the reveal of its bZ4X electric crossover concept, specifically mentioning hybrid and battery-electric power. The Drive reached out to Toyota, asking if these innovations would roll out with existing models or all-new ones, and a spokesperson declined to comment. Still, there's enough context here thanks to previous reports for us to draw some conclusions.

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Toyota Claims Electrified Pickups Are On The Way By 2025

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