We don't have to tell you how crazy the world has become. Just surf the internet or watch television and just when you think things can't get anymore insane, it's kicked up another notch or two.

So this probably won't surprise you but you may not have heard about it or experienced it.

Spies are telling us from their law enforcement contacts that in the medium larger cities that internal decisions have been made that if you report your vehicle stolen, they won't be making any effort to go after it or get it back for you.

They will fill out a report and give it to you for your insurance company reimbursement, but don't expect ANY investigation or pursuit of getting it returned to you. EVER.

Even IF it has a built in tracking system.

Hard to believe isn't it?

But, DON'T you DARE go out without a mask or it's LIFE in prison!

What is going on here Spies? Discuss...

If YOUR Vehicle Gets STOLEN In America's Cities, Don't Expect The Police To Even TRY To Get It Back. But Go Somewhere Without A Mask And Watch What Happens!

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