What makes people tick? If you know the answer, we would love to know it.

From our observations, people are quirkier than ever. In virtually every single way. Politics, diet, socially and what WE care about, VEHICLES.

We are constantly AMAZED at the reasons people give us about why they love or hate a vehicle and/or the things that trigger them enough to want to buy or sell them.

Today for example...I ran into a nice lady driving a new Land Rover Defender and I asked how she was liking it and if she was having any problems.

She remarked some quirky electronic issues but after telling me that, she told me her and her husband want to SELL it already.

That kind of threw me seeing they couldn't have owned it for more than six months.

But you would be SURPRISED to know the REASON WHY they want to off it.

It has NOTHING to do any service issues if that's what you're thinking.

The REAL reason why they want to change vehicles is (her words) "We can't believe how SHORT the range is of the Defender and how many times we need to visit the GAS STATION." Did we MISS the memo that vehicles like Jeeps/Defenders/SUV are INEFFICIENT?

That's one example but we hear the oddest things about WHY people love or hate the vehicles they own.

So what we're asking you is to share tidbits like this that YOU hear from people in YOUR circle of friends and acquaintances of why the like or dislike the rides they drive. The good and the bad. And be sure to name the brand/model.

Also, we're sure our friends in the car biz that read Auto Spies will have some gems to share.


What Are Some Of The BEST Stories You Hear From People Of Why They LOVE Or HATE Their Vehicles?

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