A third-party manufacturer of Tesla accessories is taking advantage of the recent Consumer Reports’ trick test by offering a detachable weight to emulate a human hand on a Tesla steering wheel. The device could trick the vehicle into allowing Autopilot or Full Self-Driving to operate without a driver paying attention to the road.

The description of the product aims to take advantage of Tesla’s driver monitoring features, which include having a hand on the steering wheel at all times to show that the driver is ready to take over in case of an emergency. The exploitative product is similar to the same device that Consumer Reports used to trick Tesla Autopilot in a recent test that aimed to show the company’s cars could be tricked into operating without anyone behind the wheel. The test has drawn criticism from many within the Tesla community who understand the capabilities of Autopilot and the FSD Suite.

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Third Party Vendor Destroys Telsa Autopilot Cheat Accessory After Blowback

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