California, with its climate-forward policies and wealthy, tech-savvy districts, has been the bellwether for electric car adoption in the U.S. and the country’s largest market for EVs. But that doesn’t mean everyone who buys an EV stays committed to it.

Research has shown, in fact, that about a fifth of those who buy or lease a hybrid or battery-electric vehicle end up switching back to gasoline-powered cars on their next purchase.

A pair of researchers from the University of California Davis decided to find out why. In a new Nature Energy paper, they show that lack of easy access to charging at home was the key reason, and among the more expected reasons. But a more surprising one was being female.

Give us your feedback of WHY. And have you owned an EV and gone BACK to ICE?

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EV Honeymoon ENDS For TWENTY PERCENT Of Buyers. If EV's ARE The Future Then Tell Us WHY YOU Think The Percentage Is That HIGH? And WHY Are MANY FEMALE?

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