Coinciding with the development of the new 4.2-liter V8, Audi introduced the high-performance S8 to Europe in 1996. All examples were equipped with the 4.2, which was tuned to offer 335 horsepower over the standard car’s 300. 60 miles per hour arrived in 6.2 seconds, down to the Quattro all-wheel drive and the S8’s scant weight of 3,814 pounds. The lightness paid dividends over competition like the BMW 740i, which by comparison weighed between 4,255 and 4,553 pounds.

The car we are talking about is the early 2000’s Audi S8.

I remember how hot this car was on the market, USED, because the depreciation was endless.

Were YOU lusting after one back in the day?

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Turn Your Watches Back 20 Years! Was THIS An Audi You LUSTED After Back In The Day?

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