The Government has decreed that sales of new petrol and diesel vehicles will be outlawed from 2030.

For purely electric cars are almost zero-sound as well as being zero-emissions.

To ensure that vulnerable road users — pedestrians, cyclists, and visually impaired people — can hear and anticipate their approach they must make some noise.

To this end, new laws have been brought in that require electric cars to emit artificial sounds. But what kind?

Enter composer Zimmer who I phoned to ask how he is putting his movie skills to work on soundscapes for inside and outside cars.

He said: 'We have an extraordinary opportunity to turn electric driving in a BMW into a very special experience with the help of great sounds.'

Zimmer has a studio in Santa Monica, California, and is working closely with BMW sound engineer Renzo Vitale.

Their first collaboration is for the new all-electric BMW iX3 SUV which hits UK showrooms in July and is priced from £58,850 for the Premier Edition, and £61,850 for the Premier Edition Pro.

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BMW Hires Oscar-Winning composer Hans Zimmer To Produce Artificial Sounds For Its Electric Fleet. Money Well Spent And Do People Even CARE?

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