Hundreds of New Yorkers lined up outside Tesla's Manhattan showroom to get a rare glimpse of a Cybertruck prototype ahead of the company's CEO Saturday Night Live appearance.

The futuristic Cybertruck then hit the streets of NYC to the amazement of many bystanders.

The prototype has only been spotted on a few rare occasions since it made its debut in November 2019, most recently at Tesla's Giga Texas construction site right outside of Austin, Texas.

As you know, while most outlets laughed at the design, we were the first major media site to predict over the top success for the truck.

And here's a NEW prediction. When they are finally on the streets and people start seeing them in volume they are going to make everything else like the F-150/Silverado/Ram look past their prime and stigmatize traditional trucks as vehicles for old people. Tesla will give away the low end market to them but become the new premium pickup to have. And we also think he will announce an SUV version is coming shortly after to kill any possible Rivian or other truck buzz.

What say you Spies?

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Will Auto Spies Be Right AGAIN Predicting A GRAND SLAM Hit Of The Tesla CYBERTRUCK? NY Goes NUTS For Rides In The Prototype Last Night!

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