Turning an iPhone into an improvised tracking device is relatively simple — a quick Google search turns up many tutorials on how to do it. It’s illegal to spy on a person with a GPS phone without the person’s consent, but there are legitimate reasons for using the devices, such as tracking personal belongings.

Private investigators sometimes use prepaid phones and other devices to monitor spouses suspected of cheating, operating in a legal gray area in which they try to skirt laws against nonconsensual GPS tracking. Domestic abusers also sometimes monitor their partners’ devices to keep track of their whereabouts.

“I don't immediately see why someone would prefer to plant an iPhone rather than a purpose-built GPS tracker (which would be cheaper, and have much longer battery life than the iPhone).”

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You WON'T BELIEVE THIS ONE! Thieves PLANTING iPHONE'S In Vehicles To Track Their Targets?

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