There is more that goes into a proper drag racer than sheer gobs of power. Safety is also a huge and important concern, with track officials often enforcing the rules with a strict, no-nonsense hand. It's those rules that led to the world's fastest Chevy Corvette C8 being booted from LS Fest as the tuned coupe was just a bit too fast for its own good.

The Corvette, aptly named Phoenix after going through a significant rebuild and strengthening, is capable of handling up to 1,200 horsepower (894 kilowatts). It laid down a record-setting 9.41-second quarter-mile run at 144.94 miles per hour (233.5 kilometers per hour) earlier this year. The car's latest outing didn't break those numbers, but it did break the track's rules. The car, which is street legal, posted a sub-10-second quarter-mile time, and that was a no-no.

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WATCH: Modified C8 Corvette With 1200HP Gets Booted Off Racetrack As Too Fast

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