Welcome to the Biden gas crisis of May 2021. And we hope you're enjoying his INFLATION TAX, affecting virtually EVERYTHING we're buying. Especially, gas.

In the words of the Talking Heads Once In A Lifetime diddy, "HOW DID I GET HERE?"

That is an EXCELLENT question. How did we go from energy independence and the lowest gas prices in years to this crisis and insane inflation that hurts the middle class and the working poor the worst?

In a mere FOUR MONTHS!

Well, it's a crazy time.

So how about showing HOW crazy it has gotten?

If we didn't see it with our own eyes we wouldn't believe it!

So take our advice Spies, don't forget to DOUBLE BAG when you're buying your gas (please don't do that, this is humor)!

Are You Handling The Biden GAS CRISIS And Inflation Tax Like THIS PERSON? Remember, When Getting Your Gas Don't Forget To DOUBLE BAG!

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