With memes being the preferred language of the internet and with the United States East Coast recently experiencing a gas crisis, it was almost inevitable to see EV fans using Tesla memes and jokes to make a point and perhaps even win over some fossil fuel supporters. Over the past few days, and as the lines of cars in gas stations got longer, memes about “Tesla owners during a gas crisis” became more widespread and creative.

The thesis of the Tesla memes was straightforward. Gas cars need fossil fuels to run, so when the supply of gas is compromised, said vehicles could not run. This results in panic buying for some car owners. Over the past days, images of people siphoning gas off one car into another, as well as people storing fuel in plastic bags, inspired lots of raised eyebrows and laughs among netizens.

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WATCH: Smug EV Owners Begin Taunting Gas Vehicle Owners With Hurtful Memes During Shortage

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