There is a relentless pursuit by certain politicians and those in government to take away even MORE freedoms from citizens EVERY.SINGLE.DAY

This one sadly, seems to be gaining steam around the country. And that is changing our FREEWAYS into FEE-WAYS where you’re charged by the mile.

This is from San Diego, but the wheels are in motion in many areas.

What IS refreshing though is seeing a politician like the Mayor of San Marcos, in north county San Diego, show her disdain for these brain dead ideas and talk about the negative implications idea like this will bring.

And if you think because you drive electric, don't think you will be exempt. ALL will pay the fee if they pass this

SANDAG, or the San Diego Association of Governments, released their newest transportation plan on May 21.

The Vehicle Miles Traveled fee is designed to stop the use of personal vehicles, which SANDAG believes will modify transportation behavior.

SANDAG projects to increase public transportation ridership from 2% to 11% in 15 years.

Here is the full video presentation and the mayors reaction video you will see at the link.

What's your message to these politicians contemplating this freedom-stripping nonsense?

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What Is YOUR Message To Politicians Who Won't Stop Their ENDLESS Desire To Change FREEWAYS To FEE-WAYS?

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