And just like that, we have a new compact pickup truck segment in America. Once upon a time, small Ford Rangers battled with Chevrolet S-10s and smaller versions of the Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Frontier. Those two Japanese rigs are now mid-size, scrapping with the larger mid-size Ranger and Chevy Colorado, leaving the small-truck arena a quiet and lonely place. Until now.

We've watched the Ford Maverick progress steadily through development, and our comprehensive Maverick debut article is filled with all the details of this small unibody truck. However, it's not the first such machine to debut in this born-again segment. Hyundai beat Ford to the punch by nearly two months with the Santa Cruz, another unibody pickup with a short bed, seating for five, and a desire to win the hearts of adventure seekers not interested in full-size truck culture.

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And Now The $64,000 Question: What Is Your Choice? The Hyundai Santa Cruz Or The Ford Maverick Pickup?

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