Police cars are a common sight on America's roads and highways, often acting to slow and calm traffic in their immediate vicinity as drivers hope to avoid fines for speeding or dangerous driving. Of course, this makes it more difficult for police to catch drivers out and issue expensive fines.

The Houston-area Harris Country Sheriff's Office won't have the same trouble with their latest batch of patrol cars, however. The Texas-based force's new Chevrolet Camaros feature a new stealthier look using special "ghost" decals, reports Chron.
The cars aren't entirely undercover or unmarked. Instead, the usual police decals are replaced with pale reflective white markings on top of the car's existing white finish. The decals are still visible, but just barely, only from certain angles in the right lighting conditions.

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Texas County Stocks Up On Stealthy Ghost Camaros To Patrol The Streets

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