Among many profound lifestyle changes that we all endured in 2020, Americans drove quite a lot less and scrapped their old cars more – about 5 percent of the total US fleet went to the junkyard in 2020. That move had an unusual effect, though. Here in the States, our transition into pandemic life led to an increase in the average age of our vehicles to a record-setting high of 12.1 years.

You’d be led to believe that scrapping so many vehicles would lower the average vehicle age. To offer some perspective, 15 million vehicles were scrapped in 2020 while vehicle miles traveled declined by 13 percent. Sure, discarding such a staggering amount of vehicles would normally lower the average age, but the combination of distance traveled and the chip shortage led to the contrary.

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The Average Age Of Vehicles On The Road Exceeds 12 Years For The First Time

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