Chicago’s speed cameras churned out hundreds of thousands of violations in the month after the city dropped the threshold for automated ticketing from 10 miles per hour over the speed limit to just six, data show.

The CBS 2 Investigators looked at publicly available data as well as information received from a public records request for a 36-day period before and after the change took effect. We learned that citywide tickets went up from 35,784 in the five weeks before March 1 to 398,233 in the five weeks after. Those 398,000 tickets amounted to $871,035 in fines. Some of those tickets could have been first warnings that did not result in a fine owed.
“I see this thing going off all the time,” said Ricky Duddleston who lives right across the street from the speed camera at 3200 S. Archer Ave. “Constantly flashing … I think it’s a scam, man.”

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CHI-T-SHOW? Rule Change To Chicago Speed Camera's Has People FUMING. When Will This NONSENSE End?

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