Jeep is up to something. The off-road brand took to Twitter with a photo not of a vehicle, but rather, a sign depicting a vehicle. The number 40.4 is printed on the sign, and the actual tweet is a clever double entendre that reads "A sign of things to come." readers, it's time to get our sleuthing on.

The tweet went out at 4:02 pm EDT on June 21, and while the date probably doesn't matter, we can't help but notice that 4:02 is coincidentally close to 4:04, and it doesn't take a whiz kid to connect that to 40.4. It's quite possible Jeep's social team was shooting for a 4:04 post time on Twitter and got slightly crossed up, further emphasizing that 40.4 is of major significance here. That's where we will focus our attention.

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Jeep Tweets Mystery Teaser Image With The Numbers '40.4'

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